How do you approach Newborn Sessions?

My approach to Newborn Photography is truly about telling the story of life with your newest one.  To authentically capture what daily life is like, a glimpse into your new journey, and is baby led.  I use no props or studio lights; it's you and your precious little one, as is.  Those first few days of having a baby are a blur and seem to feel long but are over before you realize - the perfect time for pictures, right?! The ideal time to capture the 'newness' of your baby is between 5 and 14 days after your little one arrives; that being said, it's not a hard timeline.  Please be sure to look over my Newborn Portfolio to see if a baby led lifestyle session is the right fit for your family.  

Do you offer Senior Sessions?

Yes!  Before you launch them off to new adventures, let's get their Portrait Session planned and booked.  As with any of my sessions, Senior Portraits are about authentic captures and true to life expression.  This is an incredibly exciting (and often, daunting) season for both your senior and yourself.  I will work with you to provide a refreshing experience and highlight the joy in all of it.

Senior Portrait Session details, summarized: ​

  • Up to 3 outfits
  • All-Inclusive Collection with a print/product credit
  • Can be scheduled for any time of your senior year but most prefer spring once college acceptance has occurred
  • For girls, natural yet professionally done hair and make-up is encouraged
  • More, in-depth, details are shared during your consultation and booking process
What are Modern Art Portraits?

Modern Art Portraits are my take on the standard school picture.  The difference is my focus is an elevated and custom experience.  My approach allows for families to have authentic images of their child, schools to have timeless images in their yearbook, and celebrates the the timeless experience of school in a joyful way.  No one shot and done, fake smiles, or awkward poses. 

Modern Art Portraits Pop Ups are offered twice a year!  Pop Ups are run just as Picture Day would and are perfect to update/replace the big box school picture; capture a milestone such as a missing tooth, braces (or no longer wearing braces), or simply to have an image that captures the essence of your child.  

If you, or your school, are interested in learning more and scheduling Picture Day, please reach out: emily@emilycannataphotography.com